Fall 2015

Happy new year! 

I haven't gotten a chance to update here in a while. I got caught up with the holidays and haven't been booking much lately. 

However, there were two projects that I am excited to talk about. The first is a shoot I did for HBO!  I got cast as a background extra for HBO's new show Vinyl. This was the first major shoot I've done for a network and it was crazy. There was a fitting at Steiner Studios and it felt pretty cool to be walking around a film set one morning. I was in the same building where they shot shows like Gotham and Blindspot! A week after the fitting we shot the scene. It was a bar scene done during a concert so the production was huge. There were over a hundred of us!! They picked up us at 6am in lower manhattan and drove us all out to the shipping yards in Red Hook, Brooklyn. There they ushered us through hair, makeup and wardrobe and then we sat in a tent for most of the day. But I got to make lots of friends which is always fun. We would go back and forth on set as they needed us, and film bits and pieces slowly. 5 pages of lines took us 16 hours to shoot. I was exhausted by the time the day was over. But it was great, I got a real feel for what a proper film set is like, and it makes me excited for future projects. Look for me in the final episode! 


The other project I'm really excited about is a television show called Living in Exile. It is a low budget project that I had the pleasure of working on this summer and fall. Already in season two, Living in Exile looks incredibly promising and already has over 4 million views. My character, Maria, is a Horror Film star, and a lesbian. The show is all about wacky couples and me and my girlfriend, Claudia, are the backbone of the show in that our relationship is normal. The first season is already out (my character is not played by me, they recast after season one and that is how I got the opportunity. You can watch the show here

Really cant wait for these projects to come out! 

Gorgeous Photo Shoot!

A while back I got a message from Julia asking me if I wanted to do a pastel themed shoot and I was on bored immediately! I got the photos back and I am in love!! She is very talented and has and eye for soft beauty. 

instagram: @juliamarielphoto

Successful week!!

Today I shot a long anticipated photo-shot, Disney Princess Pin-Up!! I was excited for this the moment I got the message. Of course I love anything disney princess related! Today I posed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and it was so much fun! Anna from Lucy la Riot was amazing! She provided a very comfortable shooting environment along with having an incredible studio! Closets filled with the most amazing pin-up style clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Ill be getting photos soon!

I also have two more upcoming photo shoots  in the next week. Im so excited to be out working again, Its been slow picking up after the holidays.  




My first Blog post! How exciting! 

So if you're reading this you've come across my website! Hi there! 

My name is Becca and I'm an actress/model living in NYC. I'm from a small town called Medfield, MA and I moved to the city two years ago to go to school. Since then I have graduated from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts with an Associates Degree in Film and Television acting. I've been auditioning since then! 

On the side I work at a tea shop in Chelsea, but I'm always submitting and just this past week have sent in a few video auditions. I hope to hear some good news soon! 

Before the holidays I filmed a few commercials for some up and coming companies: Chasing Paper and Healthy Hand. Currently I have no up coming projects but that doesn't mean something can't happen tomorrow! 

Happy New Years guys! Thanks for visiting my website :)